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6 Reasons Why a Bue Shower Chair is the Best Purchase You'll Ever Make

The Bue Shower Chair defines your bathing experience. A shower chair can improve your safety, improve your independence and overall, it can improve your quality of life. The Bue shower chair is here to wrap all of those benefits into one easy to use and convenient product. Here’s why the...


Accidental Caregivers: More Adults Are Becoming Caregivers for their Parents

More than 15 million people serve as unpaid and untrained caregivers for older adults. A study found that this “invisible” workforce spends almost 30 hours a week providing care for their family members and it adds up to an estimated $400 billion worth of annual unpaid time. That’s a lot...


Hot Bath Benefits - 5 Reasons for Taking a Bath

Hot baths have health benefits and are good for your skin, known to improve sleep and relax the mind and body.


How Much Water Should I Drink?

How much water should we drink every day?


10 Healthy (and Yummy) Foods to Add to Your Diet

Tired of searching for healthy foods that taste good? Check out our list of 10 must-try delicious superfoods!


Lemon is a Natural Cure for Allergies

Lemon is a great natural cure for allergies.


Everything You Need to Know about Sex in the Golden Years

Everything you need to know about sex in nursing homes and intimacy in the golden years.


The Definitive Guide to Reversing Your Health after 55 and Feeling Great Again

Reverse your health today and eat more fruits and vegetables, exercise to improve mental and physical health, and reduce red meat consumption.


Is The Mediterranean Diet Right For You?

Health experts are widely calling the Mediterranean diet, known for its health benefits, one of the best diets in the world.