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Lower Back Pain

Ah, the nagging lower back pain that so many of deal with. Almost everyone at some point seems to have it. But why do lower back injuries seem to never go away? Why are these injuries more often than not, persistent and chronic?

The lumbar region is home to the lumbar spine - a complex, interconnected web of bones and muscles and ligaments and this complex structure, when not cared for correctly, can cause pain and injury. Most pain and injury results from inflammation in this area.

Pain culprits may come from unexpected places. Carrying a shoulder bag or backpack or even purse throughout the day may put strain on the upper back. Because the lower back effectively supports and carries the upper back, this pain may travel downward throughout the back. Your back supports the weight from these bags best when you have good posture so keep your back nice and straight.

The lower back works to support the upper back and the additional strain may spread. The lower back provides mobility as we bend and twist throughout our everyday lives. It’s important that we keep our lower back healthy because of the stress and pressure that we put it through on a daily basis.

If you have injury or pain that lasts more then 72 hours, you should consult a doctor. Pain lasting for 3 months or more may be considered chronic.

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