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Top 10 Instagram Accounts for 60+

Instagram has primarily been a social media channel for the millennial generation, but that is rapidly changing. And for good reason too. Today, Instagram is a key channel for fashion for older women. It’s a platform for women over 60 to express their views as they defy the stigmas of aging. The New York Times recently profiled this rapid change in an article titled "The Glamorous Grandmas of Instagram.” These women over 60 prove that ‘old’ just isn’t what it used to be. Instagram for seniors is here and it’s here to stay.
  1. @accidentialicon

Lyn Slater manages the Instagram account Accidental Icon, and she is redefining fashion’s target audience. Ms. Slater is an influencer, professor and a model, and she is showing everyone that fashion for older women is here and it’s here to stay. She is redefining aging through her style, attitude and words, and she is a big proponent of the idea that age should not dictate what you wear.

  1. @Senior Style Bible 

Dorrie Jacobson, former Playboy bunny turned fashion blogger, has the Instagram account, Senior Style Bible. She’s fighting back against the stigmas around fashion and aging. On her account, she wrote, “Today I read that women over 40 shouldn’t wear hoops. Seriously? Is there some secret committee somewhere that gathers once a year to suck the joy out of fashion by creating these lists of rules? Don’t let fashion mags dictate what you wear, people. My earlobes look fab in hoop earrings. I won’t be retiring them ever. Ignore the fashion police. They have no power here. Be gone with them.” -Dorrie Jacobson

  1. @Baddiewinkle 

Helen Ruth Elam Van Winkle, known as @Baddiewinkle on Instagram, has the sort of engaged following and audience that would make millenials drool. She is 90, and she has 3.8 million followers. She is being paid to market products and is often photographed in bathing suits, bikinis and even giving the camera the (middle) finger. And she has quite the sense of humor. 

  1. @Iris.apfel

At 97, Iris Apfel is one of the best known fashion icons in the world. She’s a businesswoman and she is known worldwide for her distinct fashion taste and insight. And she thinks dressing for your ‘age’ is stupid. Apfel says, "I think [designers are] all entirely too youth-oriented. I think a lot of designers create very expensive clothes for women [in their] 60s and 70s — people who wear them — and they create them for 16- and 18-year-old bodies. The kids can't afford to buy them and the women look like a horse's ass if they put it on. So it's all out of whack."

  1. @mayemusk

Elon Musk’s fashionable mother, at 70, has made quite the name for herself in the fashion world with a recent appointment as the new Cover Girl. She also has tremendous fashion sense and is has become a cultural influencer and fashion icon. 

  1. @lili_hayes

Lili Hayes is hilarious. The 70-year old is famous on Instagram for her jokes and her Supreme hat collection. Her bio reads ‘always a little pissed’. With her thick Israeli accent, she is best known for her humor and absurdity. Her videos will have you laughing and laughing until you cannot laugh anymore!

  1. @1000wave 

Emiko Mori, at 95, is a fashion designer, and she wears bright colors with unique designs. “Mori uses a special Japanese weaving technique called “Saori,” which allows her to mix up many different colors, resulting in spectacular patterns,” writes the Huffington Post.

  1. @jennykeeoz

Jenny Kee, 71, is an Australian fashion designer and artist and her account is full of color and style. 

  1. @Silver_IstheNewBlonde

Lisa Walker is part of the age-positive movement, and she is determined to encourage other women to ditch the stigmas of aging and embrace their grey hair. She is redefining fashion for older women with her effortless and flawless poses.

  1. @yazemeenah

Yazemeenah Rossi is taking the world by storm with her stunning complexion. Women everywhere want to know how she has no wrinkles. Her secret? Olive oil. She rubs olive oil on her skin each day and uses a sugar scrub as an exfoliant. 

These women are leading a revolution on Instagram, showing people worldwide what it means to age with style. They are speaking out and defying the typical stereotypes of aging. It will be fun to watch as they lead the charge. 

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