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Bue is a premium mobility brand that aims to design the highest quality, safest and most attractive products available. Bue's CTO is the inventor of the HurryCane®, the best selling walking cane in the U.S. Today, Bue designs its products in the U.S. and manufacturers every item with the highest standards of care and quality.

We started Bue because we were frustrated at the lack of quality mobility devices available for our own loved ones. We wanted nicer products for the people who are using them. We realized that the current options on the market today were unattractive, uncomfortable and rather unpleasant to use. Our mission at Bue is to change this and to create a portfolio of high quality products that improve the quality of people's lives.


To design the perfect folding shower chair, we spent months talking to shower chair owners and researching current options. We found that shower chairs had largely been ignored from a design and usability perspective. We envisioned a stylish shower chair that was designed for the home, not the hospital. We wanted the chair to accommodate all different shapes and sizes and we strived to enhance the overall shower experience and the home.

Our focus has been to create the safest and most beautiful shower chair built from durable and lightweight materials. Studying chair experiences led us to an innovative design that could help to prevent the lateral instability associated with getting into and out of the shower chair and reaching for soap and shampoo. We added the rotating feet to create the stability needed. Just like the human body, the feet of the chair act to expand the apparent width of the chair, creating lateral stability, increased safety and more support. The feet are fully adjustable and can be moved outward to maximize stability.

Our mission is to create products designed to transform the experience of those who need them and to bring design and functionality to products that have mostly been known to be clinical. We continuously work with people and product designers to continue to better understand how people feel using our products and how to improve safety

Join us in our mission to create better products for aging and design a better shower chair. We hope you love it.