Designing the Perfect Folding Shower Chair

Lonjev Folding Shower Chair

The shower chair is typically a product most commonly used in a private bathroom. Perhaps that’s why it’s design has been ignored for so long. Maybe the companies that design these products decided not to create a better shower chair, realizing that peers and the public wouldn’t see it anyways.

So why did we decide to reinvent the shower chair? Today’s shower chairs do not enhance dignity of the people that use them. The shower chair has seen far less invention than other mobility products yet the shower chair is almost as widely used as a cane. After watching loved ones use the chair, we realized that the chairs were uncomfortable, unsafe and unpleasant to use. We even realized that some people, who could benefit from using a shower chair, would rather not use one at all because the current options made the user feel embarrassed.

It doesn't have to be like this. What if there was a shower chair that was affordable and so pleasant to use that you actually wanted to use it? Shower chairs are commonly known as an item that you need to use. But what if it was so pleasant to use that you actually wanted to use it? We wanted this very thought to drive the design of Bue’s new folding shower chair.

We spent 6 months researching shower chairs. We studied every single nook and cranny of every shower chair. We studied the way people use shower chairs and we studied what happens to the shower chair after it’s used. We studied the way the chairs are assembled. We read every review. We talked to hundreds of users of the product. And what we found was astounding.

We started with the basics. Shower chairs do not fold. We were surprised that a folding shower chair wasn’t standard. We also found that many of the shower chairs were notoriously difficult to assemble. Foldability was an obvious need. What if your spouse, loved one or family member does not use a shower chair and wants to remove it from the bathroom? What if you live in a city or urban environment and space is more limited? What if you are having guests over and you do not want your shower to be in the bathroom when you are entertaining in your home? We designed a seamless way for the chair to easily fold and be stored away. A folding shower chair. Revolutionary.

We discovered in our research that people felt that the seat was slippery. The little drainage holes in the seat were no match for today’s modern showers that poured water out. Forget uncomfortable. It’s unsafe. We designed drainage channels to expel water from the seat to increase both comfort and safety. No more slipping and sliding while you are trying to enjoy your shower.

Lonjev Folding Shower Chair

People come in different shapes and sizes but shower chairs don’t. You are lucky to have a shower chair that has adjustability in the legs. So we designed the first anthropomorphic shower chair ever. The two part back is fully adjustable so it can be adjusted to everyone’s body. It’s also ergonomic so it enhances posture support and increases comfort.

Lonjev Folding Shower Chair

The legs are fully adjustable which accommodate people of all different heights. And the arms are adjustable too. Again, everyone’s arms, legs and back are different heights so the full adjustability in the Bue shower chair with arms accommodates this.

Lonjev Folding Shower Chair

What about safety? Shower chairs haven’t seen any safety advancements despite the fact that the bathroom is the most dangerous place in the home. Read these numbers and tell me that shower chairs and bath aid products don’t need improvements. Every 11 seconds a senior falls and ends up in the hospital. Every 18 minutes a senior dies as the result of a fall.

Shower chairs today do not accommodate different weights, heights, shapes and sizes. But most importantly, shower chairs do not do enough to prevent lateral instability associated with getting into and out of the shower chair and reaching for soap and shampoo. This needs to change.

So we added feet to the bottom of the shower. Just like the human body, the feet act to expand the apparent width of the chair, creating lateral stability, increased safety and more support. The feet are fully adjustable and can be moved outward to maximize stability.

Not everyone wants a white and metal shower chair. We created four colors so you finally have options.

And lastly, we really wanted the shower chair to be good looking. Why are all of today’s shower chairs plastic, metal and just plain ugly? We really wanted this shower chair to look like it deserved to be in your home and bathroom. We really want you to want to use this chair. Not just need it.

We worked tirelessly to design a better shower chair. We hope you love it.