Folding Shower Chair is a Must Have for Bath Safety

Bue Folding Shower Chair

Bue designs and manufacturers the best folding shower chair to make your shower or bath safer for all ages and abilities. The bathroom has long been designated by experts as a ‘hotspot’, an area in the house that requires special safety attention. Bathrooms have slippery surfaces such as showers and bathtubs and water from the shower and bathtub create wet surfaces which may lead to slippery and unsafe conditions.

More than one in three seniors fall each year, and more than 250,000 seniors visit an emergency room each year due to falls in the bathroom. Bathroom-related falls have broader implications as fall-related injuries may lead to head trauma, fractures and even an early death.

Seniors may be more vulnerable to falling because of balance challenges. Side-effects from medications as well as difficulties with eyesight may also cause balance and stability issues. Seniors may exercise, stretch and perform mobility exercises to improve stability and mobility.

Another great way to improve bath safety is to install and use bath aids such as grab bars, a folding shower chair, non-slip mats, toilet seat risers and transfer benches. Bath aids can improve mobility and stability in the bathroom as well as increase safety.

Foldable Shower Chair

Standing in the shower can cause fatigue. Standing in the shower after an operation while taking pain medication is simply dangerous. Medications and poor eyesight may cause the person to have balance and stability issues and it may be more comfortable to sit rather than stand while bathing. Instead of bathing while standing up and holding onto a grab bar, sitting in a bath chair allows the person to relax and enjoy bathing. A foldable shower chair can be a great permanent solution to bathing but they can also be a great temporary solution while recovering in the home after an operation. Preparing the home and and in particular the bathroom after an operation is a key way to ensure a safe recovery and minimize the risk of an accident or fall. Forget taking a bird bath in the sink, with a good bath chair you can relax while safely bathing. Be sure to combine the bath chair with grab bars or safety grips so that you can transfer in and out of the bathtub safely.

A portable shower chair is a great option for anyone with a mobility challenge, a weight issue and anyone with a disability. A bariatric shower chair is perfect for people with obesity challenges and a folding shower chair is perfect for the majority of seniors. These two bath chairs may be different as a bariatric bath chair will need to support the weight of the user which could be upwards of 350 pounds.

It is important to first measure the width of your bathtub to make sure that your foldable bath chair will fit properly. A bath chair comes with a variety of designs, some with arms, some with backs and some with accessory holders to hold shower toiletries. A foldable bath chair does not have a back and bath stools may be more appropriate for a caregiver or mother bathing a child rather than someone with a mobility challenge.