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Guest Blogging

Lonjev Accepts Guest Bloggers!

Bue Blog is a community of bloggers focused on providing accurate, insightful information on health, retirement, dating, life and important subjects for people 50+.

When you submit to Bue, you will agree to the following criteria:

-We do not provide compensation for submissions.

-We provide a link back to your website and/or blog.

-Bue reserves the right to edit and/or remove any post for any reason.

-References and facts must be properly sited.  

-Posts must be a minimum of 300 words. Long form content tends to do the best with our readers (3,000+ words) and medium form content (600-800 words) performs well.

-Please submit images you would like us to use for the article. You must own the copyright to these images.

-Bue may include links or ads in articles.

-Bue may edit posts.

To submit a post, please email: and include ‘Guest Blogging’ in the title.

-Please include: your name, email, website (if applicable), expertise.

We cannot wait to read your article!