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Bue Mission 

Bue was born from a simple idea: products used in the bathroom for safety and aid do not have to be so dull and boring. Shower chairs, bath chairs, grab bars, commodes, toilet seat risers all look like they were designed a century ago. These products, which are fundamentally important to millions of people on a daily basis, all look like they were invented a long time ago for hospital use and were never updated for the home. Today, so many of us, not just in the U.S., but around the world, use and rely on these bath safety products to improve our mobility and safety.

Bue’s goal is to make these products more fun to use and more fun to look at. Let’s improve their functionality but let’s also improve the aesthetics. Let’s improve their design. Let’s improve it all. Let’s work together. We want your opinions. We want to know what you would change. We want to design with you.

Seniors and baby boomers and our precious elderly have long been ignored from a consumer products standpoint for decades. Product designers have focused on the youth for too long. Today we stand for a change. Let’s stop ignoring one of the most important segments in the world. Let’s make a change together.